BENDA & Darkgold

When Two German Luxury Brands Meet

This exclusive cooperation combines the outstanding skills of Benda Interiors in the design of customized packaging and luxury accessories made of Alcantara and Carbon with the incomparable elegance of DARKGOLD Liqueur.

About Darkgold

Exclusive packaging for DARKGOLD

Benda Interiors has built a reputation for creating the highest quality packaging solutions, and now they are bringing their expertise to the world of luxury liquor. Our custom-made Alcantara and Carbon packaging are not only functional, but also true works of art. They emphasize the luxurious character of DARKGOLD Liqueur and serve as impressive decorative pieces at the same time.

Taste of Luxury

Limited Edition Luxury Accessories

As part of this exciting partnership, Benda Interiors is producing a limited edition of luxury accessories exclusively for DARKGOLD Liqueur customers. These accessories, such as leather or carbon coolers, glass coasters and bottle holders, are designed to make enjoying DARKGOLD Liqueur a memorable experience. Each piece is carefully designed to reflect the sophistication and aspiration of our two brands. Both BENDA and DARKGOLD are proud representatives of the "Made in Germany" heritage and are among the leading luxury brands in their industry. This collaboration represents the excellence for which German craftsmanship is known worldwide.