Our passion, like yours, is to glide over the waves with concentrated performance and impressive interiors. Together with you, we develop high-quality custom upholstery, elegant carbon applications and canopies that perfectly match the style of your boat. So you can enjoy the ultimate maritime adventure in luxury and style.


Even in harsh conditions on the water, our maritime interior design provides a unique driving experience. The effects of sunlight and salt water pose a significant challenge to materials. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully select the appropriate material for boats. Depending on the intended use, we have a selection of suitable synthetic leather patterns available. We use saltwater resistant and UV resistant leathers for your personal boat design.

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With us, you have the option of using real carbon in any component you want on your yacht, whether it's the interior or exterior of your boat. We are proud to manufacture Forged Carbon, normally used in the automotive industry, in our own carbon department. All manufacturing is done in-house, which allows us to be extremely flexible in meeting the individual needs of our customers. Many of our products are in-house productions and are fully customized to your personal ideas and needs. In our in-house paint booth, we can also paint the parts in a matte or high-gloss finish to meet your unique requirements and give your yacht the perfect look.

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In our manufactory, we use high-quality materials and first-class craftsmanship to create tailor-made solutions for your yacht. From luxurious leather seats to custom upholstery and trim, each project is executed with the utmost care and precision by our experienced team. We offer the opportunity to customize the interior of your yacht with exquisite details and experience the ultimate in comfort and elegance.

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Our expertise also extends to motorhomes and yachts. Our workshop creates unique one-of-a-kind pieces that turn your vehicles into real eye-catchers.