Carbon Interior & Exterior

Our passion for cars and our pursuit of perfection are reflected in every project we implement. As a leading provider of car refinement, we offer customized solutions that exceed your individual expectations.

01 Lightweight Design

A carbon interior can significantly reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, as carbon fiber is much lighter compared to conventional materials such as aluminum and steel. This leads to improved fuel efficiency and performance, as the car has to move less mass.

02 Luxurious Aesthetic

A carbon interior gives the vehicle an exclusive look. The grain and texture of carbon fiber are unique and give the interior an elegant and appealing aesthetic that increases the value of the vehicle. A carbon interior is often used by sports car and luxury car manufacturers to enhance the premium image of their vehicles.

03 Durability

Carbon is known for its excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. Compared to traditional materials like plastic and wood, carbon fiber is less susceptible to damage and wear, which means the interior will last longer and require less maintenance. This is especially important for drivers who want to keep their vehicle for a longer period of time.

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Highest Quality Made in Germany

Most time you spend on the inside of the vehicle, we help you so that this becomes your favorite place. With fine Alcantara and leather your interior is refined, real carbon refines the design.

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I had my Audi RS3 converted. Quality and the entire process just top. You are well advised and always treated very friendly. For me, there is nothing to complain about, would always come back for carbon and saddlery work.