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Our services range from detailed upholstery to customized interior design. Special requests are our drive - we design not only components but also constructions according to your ideas. Be it shelves, tables or the conversion of beds, your motorhome becomes an individual oasis. Even the roof canopy can become a starry sky.

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Our capabilities allow us to laminate any part of your motorhome you desire with real carbon - whether it's interior or exterior. We use special carbon fabric that perfectly matches your individual color preferences and the design of your RV.

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We also implement unusual ideas, such as customized lighting concepts and extravagant headliners. And if your vision calls for a complete remodel, we are your partner.

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Auto Painting

We are proud to offer professional auto paint services to bring your vehicle to the level of quality it deserves.

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Foiling & Design

Luxury foiling for motorhomes" describes a high-quality and sophisticated method of applying a film to the surface of a motorhome. This exclusive film coating is used to transform the RV into a luxurious vehicle by using high-quality materials, custom designs, and meticulous workmanship. It can help enhance the appearance of the RV and give it an exquisite and classy look.


In our exclusive interior design, we place special emphasis on optimizing the noise development of your vehicle through the use of special insulating materials. We disassemble the entire interior of your vehicle and specifically insulate the areas through which sound penetrates into the cockpit. In this way, we not only give your vehicle a new self-confidence, but also a characteristic sound comfort.

Our expertise also extends to motor homes and yachts. Our workshop creates unique one-of-a-kind pieces that turn your vehicles into real eye-catchers.