Winner of the streets in style

We deliver individual finishing according to customer requirements and combine our services with high-end equipment and materials.


Genuine Alcantara, Leather & Carbon

Highest quality

The character is in every seam. We combine genuine carbon fiber with fine Alcantara

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Smart casual

The first impression.

An attractive appearance catches the eye. That is why we pay attention to the harmony and quality of the materials in our finishing.

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Dynamic & stylish

Over the waves in style.

With our maritime interior design, every wave ride becomes a unique experience.

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Your home in style.

Impressive living.

A stylish interior starts with your home. We refine your most personal area of ​​life and ensure even more feel-good factor.

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All about detailing.

Our performance offers include various finishing services for interior and exterior. However, we always deliver one thing the same. High-quality products and services based on the quality principle: Made in Germany.

To the projects

Professional craftsmanship with a passion for beautiful things.

We treat the individual refinement of each project like our own. With detailed precision work, we deliver a result made to measure.

Andre Bender

Director and owner

After successfully completing his studies, Andre became a state-certified automotive technician. Constant development and love for car refinement in every detail have shaped his desire so that in 2014 he turned his hobby into a profession. He treats each of his projects like his own car, so only high quality materials are used and the customer's wish is expertly implemented down to the last seam. The constant improvement of the work areas and quality processes within the company are important to Andre and are currently being developed daily on 400sqm area. From the end of 2021 we will pass on the craft and train apprentices & skilled workers ourselves.

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