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G Class

Blue Interior

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G Class is a very popular vehicle and we also like very extraordinary rebuilt. The G Class is a very robust vehicle, but the interior is becoming more refined every year, yet very many parts were not covered, which means that if the plastic parts are covered with leather, the edges must be milled to be able to ensure the accuracy of fit. Nevertheless, the gap dimensions must look like from the factory.

The goal with the vehicle was to keep a robust look and bring a little more luxury into the interior. From the outside you should also directly recognize that in the interior is something extravagant, so we chose the fine leather of the color blue, as accents were chosen some decor parts of carbon and a breeze of white leather.

The interior still has a masculine and rugged look, just with much more luxury and attention to detail. Black painted applications look very elegant and match the carbon deco. The headliner was suitably covered with blue Alcantara and used for the ambience 1400 stars. In total the production took about 400h. A video of the finished result can be found on our YouTube channel.


Because pictures say more than a thousand words.


The transformation of my car by BENDA was impressive! My car now has a luxurious interior and a dynamic exterior. I am very happy with the result and enjoy every ride in my new luxurious and agile companion.

- Andre Bender