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Lamborghini Huracan

Leather & Forged Carbon

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We met the dear Silviu also known as ZED from the company Z Performance at the Essen Motor Show and a short time later the Huracan was already in our hall. The challenge with the car was the tight space and the way of Lamborghini production. You could tell that the car is partly assembled by hand at the factory. The quality of Lamborghini is really excellent, but the customer was already fed up with the boring black color.

The goal was to emphasize the sporty shape of the Huracan and to create a modern interior. From the outside you should also immediately recognize that the interior is something extravagant, so we decided on the combination of red leather and black Alcantara. The interior was rounded off with fine forged carbon parts from our own BENDA production.

We managed to create a very classy interior without neglecting the quality and aesthetics. We have used red leather with small accents of Alcantara throughout the interior, the diamond design in the seats and door panels emphasizes the luxury and sportiness. The special Forged Carbon parts are distributed throughout the interior and give the car an even more exclusive touch. In total, the production took about 300h, but the result is impressive.


Because pictures say more than a thousand words.


The transformation of my car by BENDA was impressive! My car now has a luxurious interior and a dynamic exterior. I am very happy with the result and enjoy every ride in my new luxurious and agile companion.

- Andre Bender