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Mercedes Benz S Klasse Tiffany

Leather, Hight Gloss & Starlight Headliner

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"It should bang". Franz Simon from Simon Motorsport approached us with this comment when we discussed the new project. It was clear that we had to make the interior very unusual. The S Class has a very fine leather from the factory and everything is simply upholstered, as you would expect from an S Class. The challenge was the amount of refinement and the endless features of the car.

The goal of the vehicle was to emphasize a very elegant form of the S class, not to neglect the luxury but to use an extravagant color. From the outside you should also immediately recognize that in the interior is something extravagant, so we chose the fine leather of the color mint, as accents were used some decor parts made of carbon.

It really pops, the goal is achieved. The interior is very luxurious, but also very modern, the leather color is not intrusive, but still very interesting and attracts attention. The star design, what we have designed in house, is in line with the Mercedes Benz theme. To make the night driving even more pleasant we have put about 700 stars in the headliner. In general, there are many details in the interior that can be seen only at second glance, that's what we call attention to detail. In total, the production took about 450 hours. A video of the finished result can be found on our YouTube channel. In terms of the exterior, we kept the distinctive brand design, but added subtle accents of carbon fiber and chrome to emphasize the elegance and add a sporty touch. We fitted special rims to enhance the exterior appearance and improve maneuverability and performance. The end result was a remarkable transformation - a vehicle with a luxurious, comfortable interior and a refined, dynamic exterior. Mr. Schmidt was extremely pleased with the result, noting that his vehicle had truly become a luxurious and agile companion that caught everyone's eye. Not only did his vehicle become an extension of his personality, but it also provided a unique and memorable driving experience.


Because pictures say more than a thousand words.


The transformation of my car by BENDA was impressive! My car now has a luxurious interior and a dynamic exterior. I am very happy with the result and enjoy every ride in my new luxurious and agile companion.

- Andre Bender